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Used Cars - Fargo, ND

Used car buying is a huge market these days, and that is because of the tremendous benefits they offer day in and day out. Between the lower prices, reliability, and improving technology, used cars are a great way to go when buying a car. Take a look at some of our ‘Why Buy Used’ facts to learn more.

Reliability – each year cars are being built better and better. Whether they are increasing safety, increasing technology, or producing better metal, used cars are more reliable now than they were years ago. According to Phillip Reed, Edmunds.com senior advice editor, “Used cars are a great value. Cars today are really good and really last a long time. They have longer useful lives than in the ‘50s and ‘60s when I was growing up.”

Cost – cost is more than just price, but let’s go ahead and start with that. The price of used vehicles is significantly less than the price of new cars because they have been driven. That will save you some money. But you can also save money elsewhere too. Typically, used cars have lower insurance rates than new cars do. That will help with those monthly payments. Also, you may be able to get extended warranties through Certified Pre-Owned systems, which mean that you will be paying less out of pocket on service.

DepreciationAccording to Consumer Reports, “A major disadvantage of buying a new car is its rapid depre­ciation. Models typically lose about 47 percent of their value in the first three years, com­pared with 24 percent over the next three. But this varies greatly among models.” This means that you when you go to sell your used car later on, you won’t take as big of a loss as if you had bought a new car.

These three reasons that have been defined really show why buying used can be a great decision for your next purchase. If you decide to buy used, then check out our used car inventory at Corwin Toyota. If buying new is something you would like to do, we also have a huge selection of new Toyota models on our lot.