Do-It-Yourself Flat Tire Change Steps - Fargo, ND


Tires are extremely important for your vehicle. If one goes flat make sure that you take care of it as soon as possible. If you aren't trying to change your own flat, then get your flat tire changed in Fargo, ND.

Although nobody ever likes to imagine that a flat tire could happen to them, sooner or later it usually does. Because it is something that happens on the road, it is important to know how to change your own flat tire. Follow our easy steps for a do-it-yourself flat tire change in order to be able to take care of the problem if you are ever in need.

Flat Tire Change Tools & Equipment

  • Lug nut wrench/Tire iron
  • Spare tire
  • Jack and jack stands
  • Towel

Changing your own flat tire can be a dangerous project, especially if you are on the side of the road. So make sure to take all the safety measure your can.

Never park your car on a hill or in the grass/dirt in order to complete a tire change. The ground needs to be level and firm for best practices.

If you are in a high traffic area and cannot get to a safe spot, do not attempt to change your flat. Call a tow truck and have them take you to our Service Center to help take care of your issue.

Steps to Change Your Flat Tire

Loosen the Lug Nuts - in order to remove your flat tire you will first have to unscrew the lug nuts holding it on. Do this using your lug nut wrench or tire iron before jacking your Toyota off the ground. DO NOT REMOVE ALL THE WAY YET.

Jack Up Your Car - Lift your car off the ground using your car jack and lower it onto your jack stands in the correct place. Jack stand will create stability for your car.

Remove the Lug Nuts - finish removing the lug nuts off your wheel. Put them in a safe place where they will not be able to roll away. If loosened enough, you may be able to just use your hand.

Replace Tire - take the flat tire off your car. Grab your spare that you already removed from your car and put it on the wheel. You will need to line up the designated holes on your spare tire with the lug bolts.

Replace Lug Nuts - grab the lug nuts your set to the side and tighten them the most you can using your hands.

Lower Your Car - using your car jack, lift the car off the jack stands and then lower it to the ground so that it can be removed from under the vehicle.

Fully Tighten Lug Nuts - using your tire iron or lug nut wrench, fully tighten your lug nuts on. This will call for a lot of strength to make sure they stay on.

You are now finished with your do-it-yourself flat tire change. Remember that if your spare tire is not a full-sized tire, then you will want to change it as soon as possible for a new full-size tire. Spare tires are meant to last roughly 50 miles at max speeds of 60-65.

If you feel uncomfortable completing your own flat tire change, then bring your car into Corwin Toyota where are educated staff can successfully change it for you. Schedule an appointment today for any other services you may need.